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Dave Tucker

Loan Officer - NMLS ID 307449

Dave Tucker

Office: 608-229-1310
Cell: 608-800-4650

I’m originally from Pasadena, California and have been directly involved in the successful origination and closing of over 1200 mortgage loans, almost exclusively by referral. I’ve always been solution driven, a Trusted Advisor who stays ahead of the curve with consistent education – including the same 168 hours of training that’s required of a real estate agent. It is that dedication, along with low rates and high advice, which has allowed me to feature our clients in numerous issues of “Money” Magazine and USA Today. Together we’ll work on your behalf to get loans approved where others might fail.

My wife Carole is a former mortgage underwriter and shares my passion for the lending industry. Together we call Florida home with a second residence in Colorado. We’re avid travelers and have visited 25 countries and 60 plus islands.