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Today's Wisconsin Mortgage Rates

Rates current as of 7/12/2024


6.309% APR

30 Year Fixed

6.250% Rate

6.316% APR

25 Year Fixed

6.000% Rate

6.078% APR

20 Year Fixed

5.750% Rate

5.848% APR

15 Year Fixed

Welcome to the best mortgage services in Wisconsin. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or refinance your existing mortgage, we offer the most competitive mortgage rates in Wisconsin. Our expert team is here to guide you through the process and ensure you get the best deals tailored to your financial needs. With live rates available, you can quickly see how we compare and why we are the top choice for mortgage services in Wisconsin.

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Advantages of Working with a Wisconsin Mortgage Broker

Choosing a Wisconsin mortgage broker provides access to a wide network of lenders, offering borrowers a range of loan options tailored to their unique financial situation. With expert guidance and personalized service, mortgage brokers in Wisconsin help clients navigate the complexities of the mortgage application process. Their ability to find a lender that aligns best with the borrower’s needs can save time and secure competitive rates.

Working with a Wisconsin mortgage broker ensures a streamlined and efficient experience, from initial consultation to loan closing. Brokers leverage their negotiation power and industry connections to secure favorable terms and conditions, making home buying in Wisconsin more accessible and less stressful. With their in-depth knowledge and dedicated support, Wisconsin mortgage brokers provide significant benefits to homebuyers, ensuring a smooth journey towards owning a home.

What We Offer

  • Great customer service

    At Gateway Capital Mortgage, Inc. we take pride in our great customer service. Our staff is here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, problems or maybe a suggestion. We would love to hear from you.

  • Superior loans and mortgages

    We work with multiple lenders and we can provide our clients with extremely competitive pricing. Now you can do all your comparison shopping with one company without wasting time with several banks or brokers.

  • Clients come first

    We make sure our clients get the best support from our staff. We will walk you through the whole mortgage process and ensure your transactions close smoothly.

2024 Wisconsin Mortgage and Home Buying Market Overview

The Wisconsin housing market continues to exhibit steady growth and high demand. As of April 2024, home prices in Wisconsin have increased by 6.8% year-over-year, with a median home price now at $275,200. This trend reflects a healthy housing market driven by economic stability and population growth in the state. Despite the higher home prices, the number of homes sold has risen by 5.9%, indicating an active market. However, the inventory of homes for sale in Wisconsin has decreased by 4.7%, with approximately 28,300 homes currently available. This decline in supply, along with 42.5% of homes selling above list price, underscores the competitive nature of the Wisconsin housing market. Buyers are facing intense competition, with bidding wars prevalent, especially in major metros like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay, which have seen some of the fastest-growing sales prices. These trends suggest that while the Wisconsin housing market remains robust, prospective buyers need to be prepared for a highly competitive environment.

Areas We Serve

Here are some cities in Wisconsin that we serve, but not limited to:

• Milwaukee • Madison • Green Bay • Kenosha • Racine • Appleton • Waukesha • Eau Claire • Oshkosh • Janesville • West Allis • La Crosse • Sheboygan • Wauwatosa • Fond du Lac • Brookfield • New Berlin • Wausau • Menomonee Falls • Beloit • Franklin • Oak Creek • Manitowoc • West Bend • Sun Prairie

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